Acute lameness in a cat with disseminated mycobacteriosis

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Mycobacterium avium

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De Lorenzi, G., Battaglia, L., Rovesti, G. L., Pacciarini, M., Zanoni, M., Gibelli, L. R., Pigoli, C., & Luppi, A. (2020). Acute lameness in a cat with disseminated mycobacteriosis. Veterinaria Italiana, 56(3), 199–204. https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.2017.10870.1


Mycobacterium avium infection was diagnosed in an adult cat showing acute lameness of the right hind limb, enlargement of the right popliteal lymph node and two cutaneous nodular lesions of the right chest wall. Conventional radiography of the proximal tibia showed a proliferative osteolytic lesion. Cytological examination of the right popliteal lymph node and the nodular skin lesions fine needle aspiration smears, demonstrated granulomatous inflammation with many negative staining bacilli within macrophages or in smears background. The diagnosis was confirmed by Ziehl‑Neelsen staining of the smears and the identification of mycobacteria was performed by microbiological and molecular methods. Histopathology performed after the necropsy revealed disseminated mycobacteriosis with granulomatous mesenteric lymphadenitis, granulomatous pneumonia, hepatitis and tibial osteomyelitis. M. avium is a well‑known agent of gastro‑enteric, respiratory or disseminated disease in immunocompromised cats but there are few cases reported in literature of bone involvement in systemic mycobacteriosis.



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