Mycobacterium caprae in a dairy farm in Northeast Italy


Bovine tuberculosis
Dairy cattle
M. caprae
Mycobacterium spp.

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Amato, L., Mulatti, P., Pacciarini, M., Schiavon, E., Zanoni, M., & Bonfanti, L. (2020). Mycobacterium caprae in a dairy farm in Northeast Italy. Veterinaria Italiana, 55(4), 375–379. https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.1350.7441.2


Veneto region, Northeast Italy, has been declared officially free from bovine tuberculosis since 2008, although the disease is sporadically detected in association with cattle trade. In September 2015, bovine tuberculosis was detected in a dairy cattle farm of the region, in a holding with 69 animals. The herd underwent single intradermal tuberculin testing as part of the regional surveillance plan, and 24 animals resulted positive. Mycobacterium caprae was evidenced in 22 samples, further genotyped by PCR-based assays, as Allgäu type. Epidemiological investigation reported that sixteen animals were introduced from an officially tuberculosis free Member State in previous years. Nevertheless, spoligotyping and multilocus variable tandem repeat analysis (MLVA) indicated that M. caprae was strictly related to the strain circulating in 2007-2009 in Trento province, although no at-risk contacts were described. M. caprae is a zoonotic pathogen and further analyses are warranted in order to control its spread and impact on public health and animal trade.



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