Isolation and culture of chicken embryonic synovial fibroblasts


Brown layer chicken embryos
cell culture
chicken embryonic synovial fibroblasts
tibio-metatarsal joint
type B synoviocytes

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Dayı, B., Akkoç, A., Yumuşak, E., & Sevimli, A. . (2023). Isolation and culture of chicken embryonic synovial fibroblasts. Veterinaria Italiana, 59(4). https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.3030.21925.2


Cells obtained from chicken embryos are often preferred for in vitro studies. These cells, which easily adapt to rapid and continuous growth in the appropriate cell culture environment, are thought to be one of the effective methods in the investigation of leg diseases that are frequently observed in poultry. Leg diseases, especially affecting the joints in chickens, cause locomotor problems and adversely affect animal welfare. In addition, they cause significant health problems and increase mortality. It is known that synovial fibroblasts play an important role in joint diseases. In this study, chicken embryonic synovial fibroblasts were isolated from tissue explants taken from the tibio-metatarsal joint region of brown layer chicken embryos. Characterization of cells was evaluated by immunocytochemistry and hemacolor staining. chicken embryonic synovial fibroblasts showed a strong positive reaction to the vimentin antibody. As a result of hemacolor staining, it was noted that the cell morphology was spindle-shaped. The absence of macrophages in chicken embryonic synovial fibroblast culture was confirmed by the carbon powder uptake. In this present study, we aim to present a useful cell culture protocol such as primary culture, passage, and characterization suitable for chicken embryonic synovial fibroblast to be used in the new scientific research.



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