Serological evidence of hepatitis E virus infection in pigs from Northern Bulgaria


Hepatitis E virus
Industrial farms
Northern Bulgaria

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Tsachev, I. ., Baymakova, M., Dimitrov, K. K. ., Gospodinova, K. ., Marutsov, P. ., Pepovich, R. ., Kundurzhiev, T. ., Ciccozzi, M. ., & Dalton, H. R. . (2021). Serological evidence of hepatitis E virus infection in pigs from Northern Bulgaria. Veterinaria Italiana, 57(2), 155–159. https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.2341.14461.1


The purpose of the present study was to investigate pigs in Northern Bulgaria for serological evidence of hepatitis E virus (HEV). Sera from 225 individuals from three industrial farms were tested for anti‑HEV IgG antibodies. The overall HEV seroprevalence was 36% (81/225); weaners 6.8% (5/74); fattening pigs 38.7% (29/75) and in sows 61.8% (47/76). Compared to weaners, HEV positivity was higher in fattening pigs and sows: OR = 8.70 (95% CI: 3.14‑24.12) and OR = 22.37 (95% CI: 8.07‑61.96), respectively. These data confirm that HEV is endemic in pigs throughout Bulgaria, and can be a Public Health problem due to the transmission of HЕV to humans through the consumption of pork meat and pork products.



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