Monolateral chronicon orchitis in a stallion

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Chronic orchitis
calcified seminiferous tubules

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De Amicis, I., Bucci, R., Giangaspero, B. A., D’Alterio, N., Trachtman, A. R., & Robbe, D. (2020). Monolateral chronicon orchitis in a stallion. Veterinaria Italiana, 56(2). https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.2330.13219.1


Orchitis and epididymo-orchitis are inflammatory lesions of the testicle. We herein describe a case of monolateral chronic orchitis which occurred in a Tiro Pesante Rapido (TPR) stallion, born in 2002, with a history of good fertility. The stallion was healthy and asymptomatic although the left testis was found to be smaller as compared with the right one and was hard in consistency. Histopathology examination revealed tubular atrophy and parenchymal sclerosis. Scattered foci of calcification and chronic inflammation, the latter dominated by macrophages and lymphocytes, were also observed. Although lesions were clearly present, the semen was demonstraed to be of good quality. This study highlights the need for periodic clinical and ultrasound evaluation of stallions, in order to preserve their reproductive performance.



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