Case reports of squamous cell carcinoma in cows


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Özcan-Martz, A., Martz, P., Ebert, F., Bittner, L. ., Wippermann, W. ., Kaiser, M. ., Böttcher, D., Baumgartner, W. ., & Starke, A. (2021). Case reports of squamous cell carcinoma in cows. Veterinaria Italiana, 57(2), 161–168. https://doi.org/10.12834/VetIt.2292.14211.1


The aim was to investigate the frequency of squamous cell carcinoma and the outcome after surgical treatment in cows admitted to the clinic between 2012 and 2018. The study included six cows with squamous cell carcinoma (confirmed in 5 cattle and suspected in 1). All cattle underwent clinical examination and additional testing to confirm the diagnosis. Breed, age, gender, localization of neoplasm and treatment were recorded. In a telephonequ estionnaire owners were asked about survival, culling, integration into the herd after discharge from the clinic, wound healing and neoplasm recurrence. Five ocular squamous cell carcinomas were diagnosed during the study period. Another neoplasm on the dorsolateral thoracic wall of a cow could not be diagnosed with certainty; however, it had characteristics of squamous cell carcinoma. Two cows with ocular squamous cell carcinomawere euthanised.  The prognosis and outcome of squamous cell carcinoma depend on early detection of clinical signs, the presence of metastases and the timing of tumour removal. Surgical removal of a squamous cell carcinoma at or near the eye or at other locations of the body appears to have a good prognosis.



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